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Our Philosophy In Life Is Our Philosophy In Law

At the law firm of Lloyd & Associates, PLLC, we are often told that we do not look or act like lawyers. That is fine with us. We do not want to be cookie-cutter lawyers. We do not walk in lockstep with other lawyers or wear the same suits, go to the same bars, or even push the same legal strategies as other lawyers. We have our own personality. Wrapped in that personality is a solid set of ethics that guides us in our lives and in our practice of law.

We are committed to justice, and you cannot have justice without honor and integrity. We strive to display those qualities every single day. We stand by our word, and our word is our bond. When we say we are going to do something, we put in the work to make it happen. We give our all to every client. If we take your case, it is because we believe in you and your case.

Look Elsewhere For Loophole Lawyers

We do not hide behind the law. We do not try to slide through loopholes. We march boldly in pursuit of justice, doing things the right way, the honest way whether you are contending with a family dispute or fighting allegations of drunk driving. Not only has this path led us to a strong record of positive results, but it has also earned us the respect of our peers and the courts.

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Judges know that when we stand in front of them, they can take us at our word. We are not called into question, because our attorneys have more than two decades in Denton and Wise County courtrooms telling the truth and doing the right thing for our clients.

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Do you really need a lawyer to resolve your legal problems? Many times, an experienced lawyer can help you anticipate pitfalls and problem-solve, so you can get back to living your life. At Lloyd & Associates, PLLC, we do not guarantee the outcome of your case, but we do commit to giving you straightforward legal advocacy that protects your best interests.

Call us at 940-748-1456 or send an email to make arrangements for a meeting to discuss your circumstances relating to family law matters or criminal defense issues. We are not your average attorneys serving clients throughout north Texas.