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Tips for co-parents during summer vacation

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2024 | Family Law |

Co-parenting is an arrangement that requires both parents to act in the best interests of the children while working as a close parenting team. This type of parenting isn’t appropriate for everyone because of it’s typically not suited for high-conflict situations.

For those who are co-parenting, summer inspires some specific considerations that need to be addressed. If you’re co-parenting with your ex, and you have yet to give summer vacation much thought, consider the following as a good way to start preparing for this time of year.

Communicate often and directly

Co-parenting requires considerable communication, especially when the children are out of school. If either parent is going to take the children on vacation, those plans should be relayed as early as possible. This allows the other parent to plan around those dates. In some cases, the parenting plan may prioritize vacations, which means the standard parenting time schedule would change based on those dates.

Other events, such as summer camps and activities, should also be discussed. Co-parents should determine how these will be paid for and who will provide transportation. This is especially important if those activities overlap with both co-parent’s parenting time.

Make the most of time off

When co-parents don’t work the same shifts or same days, they may be able to work out a parenting time schedule that enables the parent who’s off to spend time with the children. This could maximize the child’s time with each parent and minimize the cost of childcare through the summer months.

Compromise for family visits

Summer months may mean family members come to visit. When that happens, the parenting time schedule might have to be adjusted to allow the children to see those family members. Both co-parents should be willing to compromise so the children can enjoy those family members.

One thing to remember is that a parenting plan should ultimately guide most vacation situations. Unless both parents can agree to bypass the terms of this agreement, it’s best to stick to it or to modify it to reflect adjusted needs and preferences. Having legal assistance to determine when further action, such as a parenting plan modification, can be helpful.